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Random Ramsdom, 12/18: Red zone edition

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OJ Atogwe's wallet is a little lighter after being fined for helping Reggie Bush find himself.
OJ Atogwe's wallet is a little lighter after being fined for helping Reggie Bush find himself.

Tomorrow, the season's end gets one game closer...and so do the playoffs. Will the St. Louis Rams be in the NFL playoff picture this season? It looks like it, but they have to get some wins before that. And what a better way to make a playoff push than with a home win over the Chiefs after a successful three game road trip?

Let's get linky.

Rams injury report
It sounds like everyone is ready to go. Spaguolo said that they'll keep an eye on Ron Bartell, but he is expected to play.

Rams need to get better in the 4th quarter

All season, the 4th quarter's been an issue for the Rams, particularly the offense. Sam Bradford has 2 TDs and 7 INTs in the final quarter of games this season. More from Sando here.

Atogwe gets a fine

Oshiomogho Atogwe was fined $5K for his head tackle on Reggie Bush last week.

No easy task for the Rams this week

Bernie Miklasz at the PD looks at some of the matchups for the Rams-Chiefs game tomorrow. It's a tale of two red zones. The Rams offense is second worst in the league when it comes to converting red zone possessions to touchdowns. The Chiefs offense is ninth best at it, but the Rams defense has been strong in the red zone all season.

Nick Saban on the NFL Draft

Alabama coach Nick Saban shared his opinion about his players turning pro. With the labor situation, he's really only encouraging players that are potential top 15 picks to make the leap. Interesting read.

TST College Bowl Pick 'Em

Don't forget to get in on the TST Bowl Pick 'em before it's too late.

Watching for talent in the Bowls

Your college bowl game experience is not complete unless you have 3k's scouting guide to the first week of Bowl action.