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Missouri Governor visits Rams practice today

Jay Nixon, the Governor of Missouri, was at Rams Park today taking in the St. Louis Rams practice. 

The governor and former Mizzou WR Danario Alexander have some history. Both were rehabbing knee injuries at the same time. The state's chief executive officer insisted that the Rams include DX in the game plan this week. 

When asked about the possibility of new owner Stan Kroenke moving the Rams to Los Angeles, the governor said:

But I think there is a strong loyalty to the region. This is a fellow that put up his own dollars even when he didn't have a controlling interest in the franchise and kept those dollars in play in there for years and when given the opportunity to purchase he did so. He's been an incredibly responsible owner, not only for the NFL but also his family's involvement in the NHL and the NBA. I think that they are here to stay.

Translation, if I'm still governor, I'll sweeten the pot for you to keep the Rams in St. Louis, tax breaks, public financing, something like that.