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Random Ramsdom, 12/17: Updating the NFL playoff picture

How well positioned are the St. Louis Rams for a playoff push?
How well positioned are the St. Louis Rams for a playoff push?

Hey, how about that, the 49ers lost. Excellent. Now, the St. Louis Rams need to win. Let's get to the links and an updated playoff picture.

49ers lose big
The 49ers were easily handled by the Chargers last night. That makes it mathematically impossible for them to finish the season with even a .500 record. The NFC West title is not out of the mix though. A Rams win this week would force the 49ers to run the table, including beating the Rams at home n week 16, in order to have a shot at it. They play the Cardinals to finish the season.

Games with meaning not taken lightly at Rams Park
The Rams are playing football games in December that mean something besides draft order. According to Burwell at the PD, that's not being taken lightly around Rams Park.

A four-way tie in the NFC West?
This scenario sketches out the possibility. It's unlikely, especially since it involves the Cardinals winning their next two games. Regardless, the Rams have to win this weekend to give themselves the best shot for the playoffs.

New CBA by the Super Bowl?
That's what commissioner Roger Goodell is saying. Nobody believes him.

Rams-Chiefs game being called "watchable"

It's been an awful long time since either one of these teams had something outsiders would call a watchable game. Progress.

Three round mock has the Rams going with offense

A new mock draft gives the Rams (1) Julio Jones, (2) Clemson S DeAndre McDaniel and (3) Cal RB Shane Vereen.

2010 NFL Draft redux

Yeah, these things are purely content filler, but interesting nonetheless. Not surprisingly, the Rams stick with Bradford first overall, crushing the Suh fans once again. What is interesting, Rodger Saffold going to Washington with the 4th overall pick. Sometimes hindsight really is 20/20.

NFL Playoff Picture: Charts And Graphs

Another look at the NFL playoff picture, with charts and graphs.