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Thursday night football open thread: Cheering on a 49ers loss

Come on, who does't enjoy seeing the San Francisco 49ers lose? I know I do, especially when there's a three way race for the NFC West.

Tonight's game has major implications for the NFL playoff picture. A 49ers loss puts them in a difficult position with respect to the division. A loss would drop them to 5-9, making their last two games of the season must-win situations if they're going to have a shot at 7-9 and the potential for a division title.

A 49ers loss combined with a St. Louis Rams win this week would give the Rams some cushion (more cushion for the playoff pushin'), leaving the Rams at 7-7 and two games ahead of the 49ers. Seattle, currently sporting the same record as the Rams, is overmatched by Atlanta this week.

San Diego is favored by 9 points over San Francisco.

Go Rams...and for now, Go Chargers!

Also, I'm going to keep pitching this until we get to 500, but be sure to get into the Turf Show Times Facebook community extender, or whatever. Come on, it's the perfect excuse for when you get caught looking at the trophy wives of the dude you went to high school with. And I'll say it again, if you're down with Facebook, that's cool too.