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Random Ramsdom, 12/14: Ratings boom

Tuesday morning, time for some tape review, a lot of coffee and to merge our thoughts of the week that was with the week that will be. The St. Louis Rams begin practicing for their week 15 game against the Kansas City Chiefs tomorrow. In the meantime, here's a boatload of Rams news and commentary delivered for your reading pleasure. 

Dolphins sign Kevin Curtis
The Dolphins signed former Rams WR Kevin Curtis.

Alexander didn't fit the "the flow"

The Rams didn't use Danario Alexander much in their game plan this week, because he just didn't fit into the flow of the game. I know. The Rams took some shots deep, but with pass protection being iffy at best it was harder to make the deep ball work. Still, you can't help but wonder if DX would have known which shoulder to look over with a long ball coming his way.

Playoffs, what playoffs?

Steve Spagnuolo isn't saying much about the playoffs. That's probably a good thing. The Rams have some work to do before they can starting prepping for the postseason.

Ratings on the rise for the Rams

Sunday game against the Saints drew a 29.8 rating for the first two hours, but that dropped in the last 60 minutes as the Saints pulled away from the Rams. It was on pace to be the first Rams' game with a rating over 30 since 2004. However, ratings this season are still high for the Rams, compared to recent years. Their average rating is 25.9, the highest it's been since 2004. That's good news as the fans at home step out on a limb and start buying tickets next season.

Cassel may return against Rams

Kansas City QB Matt Cassel wants to return for this week's game against the Rams, after having an appendectomy last week. It's still not clear whether he will or not, and Chiefs' head coach Todd Haley says they won't make a decision until later this week.

Got questions about the Chiefs?

Get all the Chiefs info you need to know before the Rams take on their cross state rivals in the battle of the Governor's Cup. (Side note: Has governing become so dangerous that the old white men in the halls of power need to wear a cup?) 

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