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Cassel's status still in doubt for Rams-Cheifs

That was fast. Not even 24 hours after a game, we've got our first post dedicated exclusively to next week's game. The St. Louis Rams return home for a week 15 game against the Kansas City Chiefs, the first Governor's Cup in which both teams are merely mediocre rather than hopeless. 

KC lost starting quarterback Matt Cassel last Wednesday to an appendectomy. The results weren't pretty as San Diego shut them out 31-0. Will Cassel be back this week? It's still too soon to tell, but here's some insight that appeared in Peter King's column today.

One team medic told me the other day that he'd sit an appendicitis victim for two weeks. We'll see how Cassel heals this week.

That doesn't tell us anymore about Cassel's status than we knew yesterday, but if the Chiefs believe that they can run the table in their final two games and win the AFC West, maybe they'll be extra cautious with their starting QB.