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Rams 2010 season, mirage or the real thing?

The St. Louis Rams have definitely played better this season than last. Another year of experience and major upgrades at a couple of key positions have finally righted the ship.

One thing that still alludes the 6-7 team, beating the good teams. Yesterday's loss to the Saints was a reminder of just how far the Rams have left to go before winning becomes second nature. Earlier in the season, Spagnuolo's group had trouble closing out games, winning the ones they should have. Losing to Tampa Bay via a late comeback really hurt, because that's a team with a winning record that the Rams could have easily beat. Against the Falcons, they were just plain overmatched, but they had a real shot to make a game of it in New Orleans yesteday, only to see that evaporate one turnover at a time.

So I ask you this, dear fan, are the 2010 St. Louis Rams overachieving or is this season consistent with a realistic set of expectations?

Don't just look at the record either. Consider their play, from the guys on the field to the coaching decisions that have shaped the season.