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Rams Loss to the Saints a Learning Experience


I posted this as a comment, but thought I would post this here:


We can talk about momentum, or a few plays etc etc, but bottom line, we got beat today by the defending super bowl champions, and a team that is most likely destined to represent the NFC once again this year in the super bowl against the Pats (most likely).

We got beat by an outstanding football team (not just good, but outstanding) on their home turf, in our THIRD road game in a ROW (a rare occurrence I might ad) with a rookie quarterback who has no real targets to speak of due to injury and lack of talent. Period. End of story.

I know it sucks, we lost, but there is no shame in this loss, only satisfaction in knowing we’ve improved, and also knowing where we stand.

Barring the lock out, one more draft and our team is going to get a WHOLE lot better, not just a little.

Let’s just suck it up, win our next two HOME games, and wrap this puppy up so we can at least host a playoff game and get our young players some valuable playoff experience.

That’s reality, and it’s not really a bad reality either.


The image above is Sam chasing down Harper... look at the scoreboard. What's that tell you about our QB? We have a great future gang... not good, but GREAT.

Even though we lost today, our team grew. With every game, our young team grows, and today was no exception.

Bring on the Chiefs, Niners and Seahawks. We're now ready to win this division.