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Random Ramsdom, Sunday 12/12: Rams @ Saints - Let's Get It ON

Week 14 and the Rams have something to play for besides holding tryouts for next year? Hard to believe isn't it? A division title? Well, that's the case as the Rams head into New Orleans in what "could" be a preview of an NFC Wild Card game... except if there is a rematch, it would be in St. Louis.

Not only are the Rams in the hunt for a division title, but this is an important game for the Rams, in that a win, and they could gain a lot more respect in the league... you know, beating the super bowl champs at home, while they are on a  roll and all..

In just a few short hours, we'll see kickoff... i'm so excited I can barely stand it!!

On to the links:

That's about it for this morning... get ready for some football today folks... See y'all in the game thread!