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Tim Hightower "Breakdown" WK 13


This week the Rams travel to New Orleans to face a Saints team that is definitely best rushing east and west. With that said, I wanted to take a look at the most successful play Arizona had against the Rams last week, running east and west.

The play was was a nice 32 yard scamper for Tim Hightower down the right sideline and the tackle was made by Dahl. What happened to allow such a long run?

While nabbing an outside linebacker in the draft has been a hot topic around TST lately, I thought I would break this down and analyze LB play and see if this were the cause of this long gainer.

#58 Vobora was blitzing, and Animal Jr. had to step into his role and actually did a phenominal job filling the gap.

Check out the video and the multiple film angles I added this week... ENJOY!

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