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Turf Show Radio recap

Van and I hit the airwaves on Saturday and ran amok for a good hour, but calls from BruinHalo and dbcouver kept us afloat. At the end of the show, Van and I go through our predictions for the second half of the season (a hot topic, judging by FanPosts from stgeorgie and from Damn,imaRamsfan), and dbcouver drops his soon after:

If you commute to work or school and you have an iPod, you can download our podcasts for free into iTunes, and then you've got something to listen to in the morning and on the way home besides Drake. More of the same next week, as we look ahead to the 49ers game. I'll post the topics and any guest we might have later on this week. But here's this week's poll for the FTOTWFTSR. Holler.