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Welcome to 49er Week

Remember that picture above. Etch it in your mind. That was last year after a 35-0 bushwhacking by the 49ers at San Francisco. It's no secret that the Rams have had many BAD memories when playing the 49ers, and not just bad RECENT memories either.

Go ahead and Google 49ers versus Rams and you'll find tons of lopsided 49er victories, particularly during the90's in which the 49ers ran up an almost unbelievable 17 straight wins against the (often called) Lambs. But there was also one other term often used by the 49ers that I haven't heard in a long time... not since the Greatest Show on Turf silenced it.. "Same Old Sorry @$$ Rams".

As a matter of fact, Roger Craig posterized many a Ram defender with some crazy runs, coupled with poor Ram tackling. It makes me want to puke even today when I see one.

And don't forget Jerry Rice and his high octane crossing patterns of 8-10 yards, that turned into 80 yard touchdowns. Yea, it was ugly. John Robinson (Rams coach in the 80's) I believe was the first to coin "49er week", as these two teams developed a genuine "disinterest" in each other, and that rages on today.

Make no mistake about it, bad blood between these teams is often "worn on the sleeve", and that makes this weeks game, even more interesting.

I've written here many times about the bad 90's and how we erased the 17 straight losses during our Superbowl season. Obviously we are not a Superbowl team this year (I say that lightly) mainly because of lack of depth, experience, and some missing pieces at key positions... but are we ready for this next step?

The Rams have obviously made some large strides this year, namely at the quarterback position and on defense as well. I myself publicly stated that I would be happy with 4 wins this year, and that 4 wins would show me that there has been improvement. Looking at things now, at the halfway point, I think we have shown more improvement than I could even dream of.

If we win this week, it will be triple sweet. First, beating the 49ers on the road will be a huge step for this team, just from a development standpoint and our chances at the division. Secondly, hey, beating the 49ers? That alone is almost sweet enough. And third, a 49er loss will almost eliminate them from any chance at the division and destroy their season.

With those three things stated above, look for the 49ers to come out extremely fired up and playing for their lives. Singletary has already started talking and pumping up his team by stating that he'd rather be looking to, "battle back" than be looking, "downhill" at the halfway point. Good play coach, good play.

People; I hereby Welcome you to 49er week. Let the games begin.