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Random Ramsdom: 11/8/2010

The Rams are at the top of the NFC West. But can they stay there?
The Rams are at the top of the NFC West. But can they stay there?

I sure enjoyed the bye week. The Rams didn't play, moved up in the standings, and the rest of the NFC West looked like a steaming pile of dog crap in the process. Things are looking up for sure, so let's dive in:


This fanpost about Randy Moss is from Ramification. The Mossimo decided he would try to get his new coach fired (the Vikings, not the Titans), and it didn't work out so well, as we all know.

Speaking of Randolph, he probably wouldn't have played in St. Louis anyway. That whole "character" thing just eluded him a bit too much.

Mike Sando takes a look at the remnants of the NFC West. 2-6 San Fran could move one game behind first place with a win next Sunday. At this rate, we might be able to win the division at 6-10.

Jim Thomas thinks that the Rams improved defense is a result of a bunch of things. Let's try and get a defensive Ram named to the Pro Bowl, shall we? Any takers?

Bryan Burwell attributes the Rams success to their faith in Spagnuolo. A nice little sneak peak into what it was like before he arrived is in the article too. I can't help but feel bad for Linehan.

Chris Massey has definitely been enjoying his long career with the Rams. An interesting piece into one of the lesser known, but quite important players on the team.

It's the battle of the rookies: Maurkice Pouncey vs. Sam Bradford. Throw in a splash of Ndamukong Suh, and you have your ROY battle.

Back to football ladies and gentlemen; it's about to get interesting.