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Random Ramsdom, Sunday 11/7: Bye Week Edition

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Well it's a quiet Sunday as far as Rams football is concerned, so not much on that front. Today is a pretty big day for the NFC West though, so let's hope the Seahawks and Cardinals both lose today, as that will put us as division leaders due to our head to head win against the Seahawks.

If Seattle loses, and Arizona wins, Arizona will take the division lead due to the Cardinals beating us head to head.

With that said, on to the links:

  • Think Steven Jackson cares about this team? He actually called Sam Bradford after his back surgery in April.. not sure if it was BEFORE or after we drafted him... someone who knows the dates, please feel free to chime in. UPDATE: Just re-read it.. it said "poised" so I guess it was before, and he was well aware of the selection :-)
  • I Love Chris Carter.. especially when he is right. Check out the video from last Sunday.
  • I realize this link has been thrown around a few times here, but those of you who haven't seen it, here's a breakdown of Sam Bradford discussing how the Rams have found their franchise QB.
  • Here's an interesting look at the offensive line penalties by all NFC West teams. We lead all teams in false starts and holds. On the opposite end, Arizona has the least and lead the division (maybe until 7pm today). Point being, we are still in the hunt and may lead this division at the end of the day today, and we are leading the division in offensive line penalties. That says A LOT about where we are. Only up from here!
  • Since we aren't playing today, and the other two NFC West games interest you, check out Revenge of The Birds (Cardinals), and/or Field Gulls (Seahawks) for some excellent coverage on those games.
That's about it for this week gang. At the end of the day today, we may be leading the NFC West. I can't believe it. After last year? I honestly never would have predicted this, and I consider myself one of the most optimistic Rams fans in existence.

Peace.. GO RAMS (Giants and Vikings 'horn blast')