Lovin' life in the NFC West: Predictions

Hey fellow Rams fans, considering it's been pretty slow this week as we face a favourable matchup against The Bye, how about we get some predictions going? The more superstitious of you best look elsewhere!

Here are our remaining games:

@ San Fran


@ Denver

@ Arizona

@ New Orleans

Kansas City

San Fran

@ Seattle


The predictions...

Now in my opinion, I can see us winning any of these games, but can also see us losing any of them. Based on the way we have played in the first half of the season, I'd notch up predicted wins in the home games against San Fran and KC (tough but I'll back us) in 15 and 16. I can also see us breaking the away cherry next week against San Fran, but it might come down to the wire. If we do manage that conveted away win, the Denver game is well in our favour.

If these come true, it would put us at 8-7 coming into the last week, fighting for the division title. I can't help myself but pick them in that. So I vote a tentative 9-7, with Arizona and Seattle at 8-8.

Of course I'm leaning towards the optimistic side of things, hoping that Arizona or Seattle don't cause too many upsets in their own schedules, and the win against KC is contentious. But I don't think it's unrealistic at all to see it panning out like this, feel free to call me out on anything you disagree with though.

Anyway, post your predictions below and make sure you vote in the poll.