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St. Louis Rams first half MVP

The 2010 season is half over for the St. Louis Rams, and surprisingly enough, they're still in the hunt for the NFC West title.

At 4-4, the Rams are much better than most fans and pundits thought they would be. The half full glass aside, there have been plenty of ups and downs for the Rams, most notably their inability to win on the road thus far and big injuries to the wide receives.

Along the way, players of all stripes, the superstars and the role players, have stepped up to make the Ram a competitive team. Over the coming days, TST will be taking a look at the first half of the season. Today, we need to get your input on the team's MVP through 8 games.

This is a pretty tough choice because the team's success has largely been the result of an overall team effort, particularly on defense.