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Cardinals to start Derek Anderson against the Rams in week 13

This week, the St. Louis Rams continue their three game road trip with a visit to Arizona to take on the beleaguered Cardinals

After Arizona's big flop last night against the 49ers and QB Derek Anderson's post-game press conference meltdown, the question was whether or not the Cardinals would stick with him at QB this week versus the Rams. And now we have an answer: they will

ESPN's Mike Sando provided that info via Twitter as Arizona coach Ken Whisenhunt told reporters that Anderson still gives them their best chance of winning.

Arizona mustered just 203 yards of offense in their 27-6 loss to the 49ers last night, and it looks like the Rams have a pretty favorable matchup for week 13. But this is the NFC West, nothing can be taken for granted. I'd be more inclined to say that the Rams can easily handle the Cardinals had they not already lost to them once this season.