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Muddying the picture: Random Ramsdom, 11/30

The St. Louis Rams control their own destiny in the NFC West race.
The St. Louis Rams control their own destiny in the NFC West race.

Victory Monday is over, and it's time to start thinking about the weeks ahead and just how far the St. Louis Rams still have to go before winning the NFC West. 

Arizona played themselves out of the picture with an ugly loss to San Francisco last night. Just one win behind the Rams and Seattle, the 49ers are far from out of the picture, though games against Green Bay and San Diego, not to mention a visit to St. Louis. 

San Fran will be without RB Frank Gore who broke his hip in last night's game. They also lost their center and starting right guard, but no word yet as to their status. 

So will Arizona be dangerous next week when the Rams pay a visit, as someone suggested in the comments? They could be. 

Spagnuolo wants his team to play better in the fourth quarter, after nearly letting it slip away in Denver. He offered some reasoning behind why they didn't move the ball more with Denver pressing and the lead narrowing. Korte at the BND points out that the Rams attempted just 14 passes in the entire second half and just 2 on their final three possessions, not including taking knee to end the game. 

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