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Week 13 power rankings - road wins make a difference (UPDATED)

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Things are looking up after the win in Denver according to the punditry.
Things are looking up after the win in Denver according to the punditry.

So here we are. Road wins. National hype. Playoff hopes. It's all starting to bubble up from the murky bog of misery we've been through in the last three years plus. And it feels good, no?

We've got 11 power rankings coming through today with SI to follow tomorrow (which I'll update this post with if I can remember to). Last week, our average ranking was 22 ⅔. This week (save for SI), we're averaged at 19.18. Statistically speaking, that's called butt-burning momentum. Statistically speaking.

(UPDATE -- I added the power rankings from USA Today and the NFP and adjusted the average ranking for this week. Just a note: from the 11 rankings posted, the Rams averaged an increase of 3.45 from last week's ranking. Again, butt-burning momentum.)

Breakdown of the rankings and the respective quotes after the jump.

SB Nation: 23rd (23rd last week)

Someone has to win the NFC Wet [sic], right? Someone? The Rams are one of the favorites at this point as they stand at 5-6 and tied for the division lead with the Seahawks. Sam Bradford is turning out to be the right pick.

And just for extra ire, here's the quote following the Seahawks ranking at #21:

The Seahawks have lost four of their last five and all four losses were blowouts. Yet...they're still in first place.

Except they're not in first place; the Rams are. I know we haven't done a whole lot to get much league-wide respect, but jeez.

ESPN: 18th (22nd)

The Rams have to like their chances with Sam Bradford going against Derek Anderson. 17th (21st)

CBS Sports: 20th (23rd)

You have to give this team a lot of credit for what they're doing. Sam Bradford has been just what they needed. First-place Rams?

Fanhouse: 19th (24th)

From worst to first? The Rams had been getting it done with defense this season, but they've had three of their worst four games this season in terms of points allowed over the last three weeks. The offense took center stage in Denver, where Sam Bradford was nearly flawless in leading St. Louis to a big road win. Season-ending games with Seattle and San Francisco loom large.

USA Today: 17th (22nd)

Seized share of first place after first road win of season.

National Football Post: 21st (24th)

Should the league just hand out the Rookie of the Year award to Sam Bradford now?

Sporting News: 23rd (24th)

Sam Bradford was a postseason lock in college, and he's playing like he wants the same taste as a pro.

Pro Football Weekly: 18th (22nd)

The first of many 300-yard games for Sam Bradford.

Pro Football Talk: 17th (21st)

With one more win, the Rams will match their total for the past three seasons combined.

Fox Sports: 18th (23rd)

I mentioned before the draft via my Twitter account (caplannfl) that the Rams could be the NFL's most improved this team this season if they got improved play at quarterback. But did anyone think Sam Bradford could play this well so soon? Just wait until they get him a few more quality receivers to work with next season.

Sports Illustrated: 17th (23rd)

Ah, the NFC West, where a team can win its first road game of the season in Week 12 and use that to vault itself into first place as December arrives. But I predict road win No. 2 is just ahead for the resurgent Rams, who visit the chaotic Cardinals this Sunday.