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Randy Moss Landing in St Louis Favored

The Randy Moss saga continues, as today at 12pm EST, anyone willing to put a claim for the boisterous WR will have to have their ticket in play.

According to Chris Mortenson (heard on Mike and Mike in the Morning), who is known for his fairly accurate intuition (and inside sources), the Rams are the #1 spot he'll most likely land. Mort says that we'll all know by 12:30 EST today, where Moss will land. Note that it isn't the NFL who will make the announcement, but the team that picks him up.

Will we have a quick presser today? We'll see.

With injuries decimating the Rams WR corp this year, and with the Rams being in serious contention for the NFC West title, one has to wonder why in the world the Rams wouldn't at least give Moss a look. Albeit there is an approximate 3.4 million dollar price tag for the remaining 8 games, the Rams certainly should have the money to put on the table.

With no draft picks necessary to make the move, and other than dealing with the potential attitude problems he has shown, there really isn't much of a risk. Can our young team handle Moss, IF issues arise? I find it hard to believe that Spagnuolo would not step in fast if that were to happen. Let's face it, is Spags better at player management and motivating than Brad Childress? You bet he is in my opinion. No favorites here.

Is Moss a cancer? That is debatable, but no one can argue that the situation in Minnesota was very unfavorable to Moss who was also fighting for balls from the fairly stout Minnesota WR corps..

One thing is for sure, he won't have to fight very hard in St. Louis for opportunities. Looking back at the number of times Mark Clayton was targeted, I think Moss would be very happy in St. Louis so long as Shurmur utilized him. That may be the real question here.

Say what you want about Moss, but if we sign him, you can say goodbye to 8-10 men in the box. Steven Jackson could have a monstrous final 8 games if that were the case. The Rams would have a whole different look on offense, and teams will have to pick their poison. Is that worth the risk though?

We'll soon see how this will all play out.


UPDATE 10:39AM: According to Adam Shefter, "One more reason to claim WR Randy Moss: team that loses him this off-season in free agency could get back a compensatory draft pick."

Makes it even more advantageous?