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TSR recap, MNF open thread & game thread roll call

Holy crap in a handbasket.  Write your own cutline for this one, folks.
Holy crap in a handbasket. Write your own cutline for this one, folks.

  Although tonight's MNF game between Arizona and San Fran may draw as many casual American viewers as a game of Swedish Bandy, it has implications for the NFC West and, thus, the St. Louis Rams.  But hey, let's allow them to play the game out and we'll spend tomorrow looking at how we can hold first place over whomever comes out on top.

  In something completely unrelated, Van and I went the whole hour on Sunday...without a caller.  For shame, TSTers.  For shame.  This week, though, we'll resume normal Saturday programming at 6pm ET.

  You can smack your yak about tonight's MNF game here with the game thread roll call after the jump.

Roll Call: 3k, moy, mysterui, VTramsFan, JTPirate, ramsaj28, PCarn, OGC Reds, Oski Bear, Carneros, stlcardinals1522, blindmouse, buckeyefan55, 81 Witness, RamsQb5, BrandonT, Midasknight, douchiedude, Camo702, DiamondsHead44, Throw, IdGladlySellMySoulJust2KeepTheRamsAlive, Go Rams!!!, loyal2therams, hockeyno93, Tevin T. Broner, Buck Nasty87, slu, RamMan1, DiscoJer, Jigzsaw, RamintheUK, OakCityRam, jeff_abs, mlkgandhiv2k, kinzav29, Redbirds_n_Horns, riotmute, TransplantedRamsFan, dbacks4life, Option27, clwxz5, weezul12, sergey606, ramerica, mh39, TheBirds, Marty McKeown, central1188, stuman89, stlfan2004, DevsLaRams, LARams1968, RamsFan7, markg1127, MyGirlMakesMeRamwiches, ViperLjs, parliamentlite, DarkHelmut, dbcouver, JStymie, adam2588, Infemous, Jombari, Sundowner, stgeorgie, Smoooth Criminal, hr, mrgenious, stlcardsfan4, buzzburton33, Habte E, Spielman, RamChop, the new Bradfather
Total Users: 75
Total Posts: 1873
Total Threads: 4

Name # of Posts
VTramsFan 246
hockeyno93 144
Carneros 96
douchiedude 90
stlcardinals1522 74
Jombari 70
OGC Reds 60
TheBirds 58
mrgenious 56
Infemous 55
dbacks4life 53
mh39 52
3k 49
loyal2therams 46
mlkgandhiv2k 42
RamsQb5 41
Buck Nasty87 39
ViperLjs 36
IdGladlySellMySoulJust2KeepTheRamsAlive 35
Camo702 34
Redbirds_n_Horns 30
Oski Bear 28
Throw 27
ramsaj28 25
DiamondsHead44 24
Tevin T. Broner 23
Smoooth Criminal 22
stlfan2004 21
81 Witness 21
RamMan1 20
blindmouse 20
Marty McKeown 19
mysterui 15
LARams1968 13
moy 13
Sundowner 12
weezul12 11
DiscoJer 11
RamintheUK 10
TransplantedRamsFan 10
RamsFan7 9
RamChop 9
hr 9
Option27 9
BrandonT 8
buckeyefan55 8
Go Rams!!! 8
jeff_abs 7
JTPirate 6
kinzav29 6
JStymie 6
parliamentlite 4
sergey606 4
dbcouver 4
PCarn 3
markg1127 2
OakCityRam 2
stlcardsfan4 1
buzzburton33 1
the new Bradfather 1
Spielman 1
stgeorgie 1
Habte E 1
riotmute 1
clwxz5 1
Jigzsaw 1
slu 1
Midasknight 1
ramerica 1
central1188 1
DarkHelmut 1
MyGirlMakesMeRamwiches 1
DevsLaRams 1
stuman89 1
adam2588 1