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The Quick Five and Then Some: Rams Recap

I didn't get to catch this game (I had the much better task of driving across the state of Washington during one of the worst winters in recent memory). I'm going off the box scores, and what I saw from those of you who posted info on Van's recap of the game.


Adam Goldberg, G

It's getting to the point where it's almost shocking; this team can block for Steven Jackson to save his life. When you have to fight for two yards every run, something is terribly wrong, and Goldberg is showing absolutely no reason to keep his starting job. Greco has been decent enough to merit a nod over Goldberg, and if he doesn't at least share time, something is going on that we don't know about. It's getting to the point that credentials or not, Steve Loney might be out of a job by next year.


Sam Bradford, QB

I'm pretty sure I've had him on here every single week. I don't think any of you will mind a quarterback who throws for over 300 yards, has 3 TD's along with no interceptions, and completes almost 60% of there passes. My family didn't think Bradford was the best QB in the West when I talked football to them during turkey day festivities. Who gets the last laugh now?


Danario Alexander, WR

You'd think a rookie coming off yet another knee surgery wouldn't be as big of a factor in the offense so early on in his return. DX has been very impressive, and if he keeps these performances up, he may just save the Rams from picking a wide receiver in round one. (Not to say the Rams couldn't look elsewhere, like free agency).



Road Monkeys

I think road monkey's everywhere are sad that the Rams finally won on the road. They tried their hardest to stay on the Rams back, but the Rams had enough in the tank to stay alive and throw them off.



For unit that used to be such a strength, they sure are getting torched. They are young, but this may be an area of need this offseason. The Rams could definitely use a cornerback with a knack for catching the ball.  Hopefully they kept a close eye on Champ Bailey.


For the second act, I'd like to shoot out some links for you to digest this morning:

Jim Thomas has a recap of the game with some good quotes by the Rams players.

Bernie thinks that it is the coaches, not players, who have to learn to win on the road.

Mike Sando says the Seahawks opened the door wide for the Rams to seize control.


That's all for now, enjoy the victory!