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Sunday Morning Bloody Mary: Free Steven Jackson!

Steven Jackson could have a big day on the ground is the St. Louis Rams give him enough carries.
Steven Jackson could have a big day on the ground is the St. Louis Rams give him enough carries.

All eyes have been firmly fixed on rookie QB Sam Bradford this season. And why shouldn't they be? The future of the St. Louis Rams is playing like a seasoned pro after barely playing any football at all just last year. It's been impressive to say the least. But the Rams of recent years have been defined by Steven Jackson and the bone crushing style of running he brings to the field. 

But this year, the running game has been MIA when compared to previous seasons. Much of that has to do with the fact that the Rams can now pass the ball, giving their offense a much needed second dimension, but it still seems like the running game isn't getting enough chances to employ a player of Jackson's caliber. 

This could be Jackson's week.

Last week, Jackson had just 11 carries against the Falcons, and despite being on pace for a career high in rushing attempts, the Rams just don't run the ball like they used to. In fact, you very rarely see FB Mike Karney and Steven Jackson paired together for power runs. In the past, I've been a little hard on Karney, wondering if he hasn't slowed down, but the truth is harder to explain than that. A tandem like that depends on sync, and those two aren't getting very reps together this season, making the sync harder to establish. 

The Broncos' defense gives the Rams power running game a very favorable matchup. At the line, the Broncos are giving up one of the highest yardage totals to runners. Beyond that, they've vulnerable to second level and open field yards. If Karney and Jackson can get into a flow today, key second level blocks could spring Jackson free for some big runs.

And that would only help the passing game, which also has a favorable matchup.