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Random Ramsdom, 11/28: Let's go to the tape!

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Here we are on another beautiful fall Sunday, game day. In just a few hours the St. Louis Rams will take the field against the Denver Broncos, looking for their first road win of the season while Denver grapples with a videotaping scandal. As Josh McDaniels and Bill Bellichick might say, roll, links. 

The connections between these two teams aren't just limited to videotaping scandals, the PD has lots more factoids for you to throw out at your football gathering. 

ESPN's Mike Sando has more on Spygate II, saying this:

The NCAA phrase "lack of institutional control" comes to mind. Why would the Broncos hire Steve Scarnecchia in the first place if another Spygate-style scandal were even remotely possible?

It sounds like Mardy Gilyard might get another shot at returning kicks, according to Rams special teams coach Tom McMahon. Poor field position has been a problem with special teams this year after a really solid season in 2009. 

Tim Tebow got all the headlines in college football last year. Sam Bradford recovered from a shoulder injury. Bradford, the first overall pick in the NFL Draft, is having a breakthrough rookie season. Tebow is still working on his marketing efforts while waiting in the wings