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Will the St. Louis Rams make the playoffs?

Can the Rams play solid team ball to get to a playoff berth?
Can the Rams play solid team ball to get to a playoff berth?

The Rams are currently on a two game losing streak going into the hardest part of their schedule. The Rams have shown steady improvement this season but a couple questions still remain. Can the Rams win one or two of their next away games? If the Rams win their last two home games against the San Francisco 49ers, and Kansas City Chiefs can 6-10 get the Rams into the playoffs. Besides those questions the St. Louis Rams also have a few things going against them the last six weeks of the season.

The first thing that the Rams have going against them is the fact that they can't win on the road. This does make sense because the Rams don't have the talent of other teams. The second thing is that it's hard for the Rams to get more than 17 points a game. In fact the Rams only scored three touchdowns one time, and that was against the Washington Redskins. Next the Rams defense hasn't been good after the bye week. The defense isn't bad but third downs have been easy to get, and the pass defense has been poor, unless you think that Troy Smith should have 300 yard passing games against good defenses. The last thing is our passing threats, but I'm not going to waste your time and mine beating down an old horse or (ram). After the break I will predict our final record and give a brief description on how I see the games playing out.

Rams vs. Broncos

This game will give the Rams a great chance to get their first win on the road. However if the Rams can't establish the run then this game could end up a lost. The Broncos shouldn't be a threat running the ball since they are last in the league, but their passing offense is one of the most deadly in football. Brandon Lloyd and Kyle Orton have been killing the league, and the last two games the Rams have struggled against the pass. However I think this week the Rams pass defense finally shows up and give the Rams a couple of turnovers, the St. Louis Rams win 21-17.

Keys to victory: Don't throw to Champ Bailey, establish the run with Steven Jackson, our defense line finally shows up.

Rams record: 5-6

Rams vs. Cardinals

Can the Rams push for two road victory's in a row? In what should be a good rematch. The Cards have been struggling lately because of the absence of Kurt Warner. No matter who they have at QB they haven't been consistent this season, and the running game hasn't done anything this season. The Rams should win this game if they can avoid turnovers which they have done this season. While the Cardinals don't have the best defense in the NFC West they do have the best scoring defense in the NFC West.I know this is a road game and the Rams usually don't play as well on the however, the Cards just aren't the same team without Kurt Warner. The Rams win 17-13, Sam Bradford gets his first comeback victory and Rams win two conference games so far.

Keys to victory: Limit the turnovers by the offense, bring plenty of pressure on the quarterback, double team Larry Fitzgerald.

Rams record 6-6

Rams vs. Saints

The Rams don't have a chance in this game. The Saints barely beat the Cowboys on Thanksgiving, and barely beat the Cowboys. Drew Brees won't let the Rams win this game, and the Saints won't take us lightly this game. This could end up Sam Bradford's worst game this season throwing two interceptions, the Rams will be down early. Steven Jackson will get bottled up but end up with at least 80 yards rushing. The Saints win 24-7 in a game that wasn't as close as the score indicates.

Keys to victory: Hope Drew Brees don't wake up till Monday, Have O.J Atogwe spy Reggie Bush because he gives the Rams linebackers bad match ups, the Rams have to score more than 17 points to win.

Rams record 6-7

Chiefs vs. Rams

Are the Chiefs really an away team in this game? The Chiefs are a physical smash-mouth team with the best running attack in the NFL, and a good defense. The Rams will have to slow down this running attack if they want to win, so it's good that this season we have a top 10 rush defense. Can the Rams score enough points to beat the Chiefs? I know the Chiefs allow 20 points a game, but that can be misleading because against the Houston Texans they allowed 35 points, and allowed 49 points to the Broncos. Which means they allow lots of points and had the most difficultly with passing teams, which the St. Louis Rams aren't. The Chiefs will win this game 24-13

Keys to victory: Stop the Chiefs running game, Have Matt Cassel try to win the game, Sam Bradford has to get first downs for the Rams.

Rams record 6-8

49ers vs. Rams

It's crunch time it's the Rams last home game, and if they win this week and next week they will be in the playoffs. The 49ers are still in playoff contention and won't lay down to the St. Louis Rams. This time Troy Smith will throw for less than 250 yards, but Frank Gore gains around 130 line of scrimmage yards. The first team to 21 will win this game. Both defenses will create a couple turnovers. The game comes to a last drive, and it's up to Sam Bradford to drive down the field and win the game. The 49ers win 21-17 in a heart breaker for St. Louis Ram fans, and the 49ers complete the sweep against the Rams.

Keys to Victory: The front four of the Rams need to bring pressure on Troy Smith, Force Troy Smith to make some mistakes, Steven Jackson rush for 100 yards.

Rams record 6-9

Rams vs. Seahawks

The battle for the NFC West crown. If the Rams win they could go to the playoffs with a little bit of help, if the Seahawks win they go to the playoffs. This game will be closer than their earlier match up. Because of the weather this will be a smash mouth football game. The passing game will be limited, but the team that doesn't turn the ball over will win this game. Which running game will have the better game? Will the two headed running game of the Seahawks be better than the workhorse Steven Jackson? The Rams win this game 14-10, but do the Rams get into the playoffs? Well thats a story for another day.

Keys to victory: The St. Louis Rams adaptability to the elements, the Rams will have to win on the back of Steven Jackson, The Rams need their defense to win this game.

Rams final record: 7-9 playoff bound?

Of course if the Rams just win the rest of their division games they would have a great chance of going to the playoffs even though they would still be 7-9. However the Rams could easily win just two of the next 6 games. No matter if the Rams go to the playoffs or not it should be an interesting end of the season for us Ram fans. So get your popcorn ready and let's all sit and see how the chips fall.

(Disclaimer) I know I haven't made an article on here in along time, I'm pretty sure 90 percent of you guy's and gals missed me, college has slowed me down but I am back until finals week most likely. I promise not to leave you guys for so long next time.I love you guy's :). Now back to professionalism.