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Giving Thanks as a Rams Fan

Well, tomorrow is thanksgiving... OR if you're reading this after midnight, TODAY is Thanksgiving. Either way, there are reasons to be thankful.. would you agree?

Most fans mentioned before the season that just being competitive this year would be an acceptable goal. Not surprising seeing how the Rams were coming off from a 1-15 season where our lone win came via a fake FG with our kicker throwing a TD pass.

Yes, that was the 2009 St. Louis Rams.  Now, let's get to the real topic - the 2010 St. Louis Rams

Let me start by saying that this year has been quite the year. The Rams have already won 4 games and here the Rams sit, heading into week 12 at 4-6 and still one game out of first place in the NFC West and a head to head advantage against the Seattle Seahawks. 

Sure, the Rams lost some games they could have easily won (should have technically speaking), but you can't argue there has been improvement abound. Improvement that I am indeed, thankful for.

As a Rams fan, are you thankful for where the Rams sit right now? I know I sure am, and after the jump, I will list out 10 (of the many) reasons I am thankful as a Rams fan, in no particular order.

1. Sam Bradford - This was an easy one. Think about where we would be if we hadn't drafted Sam, and you'll completely agree. Sam has really helped Spagnuolo to change the culture around Rams Park from a "same ole" feeling to a new feeling of hope. It's not hard to see Sam is going to bring years of winning seasons to the Rams and if you're not thankful for Sam, you need to re-evaluate things.

2. Steven Jackson - I really don't need to type anything here, but I will. Out of our 5 wins over the last  two seasons, I'd say at least 3 of those wins, Steven played a BIG part in securing the victory. Two off the top of my head were the Detroit game last year, and this years Chargers game where he burst two big runs at the end of the game, gaining crucial first downs and allowed Sam to get in victory formation.  Love ya Steven.

3. Steve Spagnuolo - Yea some are still on the fence but not me. This guy is turning around this franchise, no question. I was one of the first to question the four pillars and the turning away of TO, Moss, VJ etc, but there have been more GREAT moves than poor ones like Animal Jr, Sam, Gary Gibson, Amendola, and so many more. Next year I can almost guarantee all Rams fans will be wanting to vote Spags for president. You watch.

4. Dallas Cowboys - I know what you're thinking... What?!? I am thankful they took Alex Barron off our backs. What made me even more thankful was when he had a holding call at the end of a game where the Cowboys would have won. That REALLY made me thankful.

5.  4-6 - With all of the victories that were snatched from us, we still have 4. Coming off a 1-15 season, that's a good reason to be thankful. Not only are the Rams 4-6, but we could easily be 8-2. Now THAT'S something to be thankful for. 4-6 AND competitive. Another reason to be thankful for 4-6? No more Ron Pitts and crew.

6. Other NFC West Teams stink - Yes, this makes me extremely thankful. This isn't meant to be disrespectful in any way, but just a fact. Being 4-6 and one game out of the division title, is crazy. Being 4-6 you're lucky to have a shot at a wild card normally, let alone a division title? Be thankful Rams fans, be thankful.

7. Chris Long - Yes, a guy who was once struggling, and words of "bust" surrounding him, has suddenly looked like a force at defensive end. I donno if Howie talked to him or what, but whatever it was, thank you Chris. Keep it up! Without you on the line, we'd be hurting right now.

8. James Laurinaitis - What more can I say. Another guy I am extremely thankful for. Without him, we'd be done on defense right now as well. The guy has a motor and seems to be around the ball on just about every snap. 100% all game long. He'll definitely be an anchor here for a long time. Thanks James.

9. Danny Amendola - The little engine that could. This guy has guts. He gets hammered every week it seems, yet just when you say "OUCH!" when he gets crushed on a special teams tackle, you seem him grabbing a 12 yard completion one play later, bounce up, and act like nothing happened previously. Seriously, the guy loves football so much he is borderline insane. Thanks Danny for being there for the Rams.

10. - Where else can you go to vent or speak your opinion about the Rams on this level? Seriously. Van, 3k and the gang are awesome, and yes I do breakdowns and some posts, but man these guys are the gas to the engine and keep the TST pistons humming. I am thankful for this place, and thankful I was asked to be an author here as well. Thanks Van, 3k and all who contribute here for making this an "oasis" in times of disaster, and a "Cheers" setting for times of jubilation!

I'm going to leave it at that... fill in anything else I may have missed in the comments below, and

11. I am thankful you read this entire post.