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It's a possession thing; Rams looking better in time of possession and first downs

What's seven points? It's an allusion to just how bad the St. Louis Rams offense was last season, when they managed to score just 10.9 points per game. This year, the Rams are much improved and scoring an average of 17.7 points per game. 

As much of an improvement as that is, it's still more than 4 points below the league average and the fourth lowest average PPG in the league. 

I'll throw out another number for you that points to the Rams offensive improvement: 308. 

Right now the Rams are on pace for 308 first downs, that's the most they've had since 2006 when they had 332. Last year, they had just 259 first downs, and already they have 193. 

One more stat for you, time of possession. The Rams controls the ball for an average of 31:11 per game. If that trend continues, it will be the first time the Rams have topped the 30 minute mark for time of possession since 2007 and the first time they topped 31 minutes since 2006.