Turnaround Season Goes Kaput

I guess I should be happy cause I figured the 2010 Rams might win 5-6 games total and they're on course to do it. But the more I think about and replay this season in my head, my gut hurts. We had a lot of things going against us; no #1 WR, no quality b/u for SJax, no decent OLB's and a large percentage of fair to mediocre players on the roster. And to be honest, I never had much faith in our coaching, Shurmur especially. BUT, we we're like a poker player that drew an inside straight and misplayed it. Our schedule was cake. All our NFC West division rivals underperformed, except the surprising Sh*thawks. Sam Bradford looks like the real thing. And, we still have Sjax.

So why are we 4-6 instead of 8-2? When I re-think these things I simply cannot fathom how we lost the first two games to Arizona and Oakland. We had 'em both in the bag. But we snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. Who on TST can deny that fact?? Then, somehow, we allowed the pitiful, now 2-8, Lions to whomp us 44-6 with their backup QB. Go figure. We go to Tampa and get up 17-3. But then let them roar back, most glaringly by allowing them to convert a 3rd and 22 on the final drive, to win 18-17. Next, we had the very crappy 49ers beat. But we wouldn't trust our highly paid kicker to try a 52 yard FG that might've salted things away. Nope, instead we let them convert a 3rd and 32 into a late TD. Then Ed Hochuli finished us off in OT. Last Sunday's game was a legitimate loss to a much better Falcon's team. Nuff said there.

So, my head hurts because with just a little bit of luck, better coaching/clock management, and without the Ed Hochuli's of the world, the Rams could virtually be clinching the NFC West Title this weekend at Denver. Yes, the potential for a worst to first turnaround was there, but like a poor marksman, we just keep missing the target.