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Week 12 power rankings - Falconated

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Or is it falconized? Edie Falco'd? Whatever. Onto the most powerful of all rankings: the power rankings...

SB Nation: 23rd (22nd last week)

The Rams, as expected, lost to the Falcons on Sunday. They are one game out of first place with three consecutive road games coming up. If they can put together a win or two there, the season finale against the Seahawks may be for first place in the NFC West.

ESPN: 22nd (23rd)

The Rams must win a road game to realistically contend for the NFC West title. 21st (?)

CBS Sports: 23rd (23rd)

They hung around in the Falcons game, but secondary injuries really added up in the fourth quarter. Despite the loss, they're still in it. Who isn't in that division?

National Football Post: N/A - update coming when posted

Fanhouse: 24th (22nd)

The upstart Rams weren't able to take care of business at home against the Falcons, surrendering the most points they've given up all season, save for their blowout loss at Detroit. With three straight road games on tap starting in Week 12, things are looking down for St. Louis.

Sporting News: 24th (25th)

They'll be saying thanks for many years after landing Sam Bradford.

Pro Football Weekly: 22nd (21st)

Bradford's interception-less streak of 169 was pretty impressive.

Pro Football Talk: 21st (21st)

With more wins in the bank than 2008 and 2009 combined, who cares about losing at home to the best team in the league?

Fox Sports: 23rd (21st)

The Rams aren't as far as you think from being a playoff team. They have improved in a big way at quarterback and on the offensive line. They need to add at least two really good receivers to be a complete offense going forward. And defensively, they'll need to add at least two quality pass rushers to the mix.

USA Today: 22nd (24th)

Two-game skid hard way to begin three-game road trip.

Sports Illustrated: N/A until tomorrow