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Rams Recap Week 11: The Slower Five

Tough game to lose yesterday, but it was impressive that the Rams hung in there as long as they did. This is one of the best teams in the league, and by all accounts, the Rams weren't THAT far behind them until the end of the game, even with some of the glaring problems the team had.


Steve Spagnuolo, Head Coach

I have to give credit to him, this is a team that didn't add any marque players (except Sam Bradford) over the offseason, and is very much so the same unit that went 1-15 last year in terms of personnel. The fact that they have competed above our expectations almost every game (sure, throw in some clunkers) speaks volumes to the coaching ability of Spagnuolo. Look at the defensive line for example. James Hall? Fred Robbins? Gary Gibson? These aren't exactly household names, and he's got them producing one of the league's best pass rushing attacks.


Josh Brown, K

After being relegated to pooch punt status last week, Brown absolutely drilled a 52 (or was it 53?) yarder against Atlanta. Along with it came the not so subtle reminder that he remains one of the best kickers in the league, regardless of how little faith or use Spagnuolo sees in him. I'd hope Spagnuolo will use him more in long kicking situations, especially in the confines of the EJD.


Billy Devaney, GM

This isn't a huge negative, but it's kind of irked me for a long time, ever since he set forth to rebuild the offensive line. He made it (and the defensive line) his top priority since day one (or so he said), and the offensive line is bordering on the team's weakest unit. You can argue that the WR's have underachieved, but look at how much the Rams have financially sunk into the wide outs, and you'll realize you get what you pay for. The offensive line has been painfully and embarrassingly inconsistent despite numerous draft picks and expensive free agent pickups the last few years. You can blame injuries for a lack of mojo, but this unit is one of the highest paid in the league, and it performs nowhere near it's lofty price tag. When Steven Jackson can't gain any yards, you know you have a problem.



Sam Bradford, QB

Another solid outing by Bradford. If he keeps this up, I don't see any scenario where he doesn't win the OROY award. Even though he is a rookie, I can finally say that I don't think in the back of my head that the QB is going to through an interception (like I did whenever Bulger was on the field). I'll spot him the one he threw yesterday, one per five weeks is an acceptable amount by my standards.



The Rams desperately need help at the OLB position. With Stan 'The Man" Kroenke on board, hopefully we'll see a free agent signing that can shore up the Wide Receiver position, since there are some tantalizing options due to hit the market this year. It's a little thinner for the OLB spot, and if the Rams add someone they think can rejuvenate the passing game, this has to be one, if not the priority heading into the draft.