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MNF open thread, TSR recap & Falcons game thread roll call

There's a lot going on behind those eyes.
There's a lot going on behind those eyes.

  With San Diego and Denver about to take the field for a Monday night showdown in which the two teams have combined seven wins and 11 losses, I feel comfortable with the people who schedule the off-base football games for national broadcasts on Thursday, Sunday and Monday nights.  When I learned they opted not to show a single Rams game this season, I initially questioned the decision.  With tonight's game, now I see the wisdom of their decision.  But hey, San Fran and Arizona get Monday Night Football next week!  It's the Niners' second MNF of the season and their third national broadcast in all.

  I'm not saying the council that decides which games to broadcast nationally would have predicted a 3-7 San Francisco as of today.  But that's the point.  You can't stack the TV schedule with the teams you think are going to perform well, or you end up getting the 2010 Cowboys on national TV every other week.  Parity sells.

  Anyway, Turf Show Radio was a blast this week.  VTRamsFan dropped his first Super VT Brothers segment, and Van and I yakked it up for a full hour about all kinds of stuff:

Game thread roll call after the jump.

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