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Post-TSR college football thread

  There's plenty of college football to cap off your Saturday night, whatever you may be doing this evening.  Arkansas just tied up their game against Mississippi with a HUGE run at 7-7 in SEC action, Notre Dame is battling Army over on NBC, and in just more than 30 minutes, ABC opens thier floodgate of options.  Here in eastern Georgia, I'll get Florida St.-Maryland.

  We just wrapped up a great episode of Turf Show Radio.  Thanks to Texas David for helping open the show (Odessa?!  TST has some unbelievable reach...).  Bigger thanks to VTRamsFan who has now expanded his universe of awesomeness to the airwaves with his Super VT Bros. segment.  Must hear radio (trademark?).

  Falcons in less than 21 hours.  Holler.