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Which teams ahead of the Rams are most likely to claim Randy Moss?

Jason LaCanfora of the NFL Network reported earlier today cited league sources who pointed out four teams widely expected to put in a claim for WR Randy Moss. Besides the St. Louis Rams, that list included the Titans, Dolphins and Seahawks, all of whom are behind the Rams on the NFL waiver priority list. That doesn't mean there won't be a few teams ahead of the Rams interested in making a claim on Moss. 

One team to keep an eye on is San Diego. Even with Vincent Jackson returning to action in a couple weeks, they could add Moss to bolster an injury plagued group. I have my doubts, just because they should have Antonio Gates suited up this week, and a lack of talent isn't exactly the problem in SD.

Buffalo, first in line, could use a receiver, but why would an 0-7 team rent a player at $3.38 million? Dallas and Carolina don't seem to suffer from a lack of receiving talent. Same thing with Denver, though the Josh McDaniels connection makes you wonder.

The Cardinals have Steve Breaston back. San Francisco is a wild card to me, as few people can explain exactly what philosophy guides that team right now. Could either SF or ARI take a flyer on Moss just to keep the Rams from getting him?

San Diego seems like the most likely team on the list ahead of the Rams to put in a claim. Register your approval or disapproval here

St. Louis area caterers, you're on notice.