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Week 9 Power Rankings - feel the power

I'll try to keep this updated as more power rankings are released into the intertubes, thus creating a vortex of power rankings (make sure the Bills do not suck you in):

SBNation: 22nd (24th last week)

ESPN: 21st (20th) 20th (?)

CBS Sports: 20th(22nd)

Sporting News: 22nd (27th)

Pro Football Weekly: 17th (23rd)

Fanhouse: 22nd (25th)

ProFootballTalk: 18th (20th)

Fox Sports: 16th (19th)

National Football Post: 21st (22nd)

Not available: USA Today & Sports Illustrated

If you come across any, just throw em in the comments and I'll add em up top.  Any egregious votes?  Surprised?