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Timing is Right to Make a Splash

Sam Bradford could use a proven threat.
Sam Bradford could use a proven threat.
The Saga of the Waived Randy continues on, with the Vikings playing coy about whether or not they actually released him. But if it comes down to it, this move makes perfect sense for the Rams, and for Randy Moss. Lets jump in, shall we?

First of all, it should be noted that Moss was apparently waived after he gave up on a play. Surely, I find it stupid to think that the team that drafted him and kept him around for so many years (knowing well his knack of taking it easy) and also traded to get him back would dump him because of this flaw. It happens, yes, such is the style of Randy Moss but of all teams, the Minnesota Vikings should have known about his lazyness. Even with his diva issues aside, Randy Moss isn't stupid enough to believe teams would be knocking down his door in the offseason if he blew his third chance in 2010.

So why should the Rams add him? It's simple really; the Rams probably already need a receiver, with Mardy Gilyard and Danario Alexander nursing injuries (or rehab) the Rams have few threats that can stretch the field. Even at his old age, Randy Moss can still run pretty fast, which could do wonders to open up Pat Shurmur's offense. The Rams receivers are sneakily impressive, and a double team on Moss would likely allow one of them to get open; even if he wasn't double covered, the possibilities are enough to make yourself giddy. It's not as much Randy Moss, but what he does to the entire offense that gets you excited.

It would help Moss as well, because if the Rams did pick him up and he made a big difference, he would hit the open market and likely draw more attention and get one nice short contract for his twilight years, much like Isaac Bruce did with San Fran.

The simple truth is that the Rams are on the bubble. Could they make the playoffs this year? Maybe. Could they win the division? Maybe. The Rams were active with the Chargers for Vincent Jackson. Both he and Randy have "character" issues. Both could make a difference on a team that has a knack for having to find off-the-street players to fill the injuries at receiver.

It's time to see if Devaney wants to go all in and make a run for the division.