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Fendi Battling Bulging Disc, Placed On IR - Sign Derek Schouman

Fendi Onobun is one of those guys who was considered a project player, having a basketball background, yet seeing him in the preseason, one couldn't help but get a little "giddy" in excitement.

His speed alone is very surprising, and ad in his leaping ability, and you have one heck of a tight end... potentially.

Fendi hasn't been active in recent weeks due to back issues, namely, a bulging disc. I myself have this issue and I can tell you first hand, it's extremely painful.

Now, I'm not sure what type of treatment he is receiving but I was told that the first step is muscle relaxants, coupled with anti-inflammatory medication. The idea is to hope that the disc pops back into place before it herniates (think of a baloon stretching, yet hasn't deformed).

I was then told if this doesn't help, surgery would have to be performed.

We just placed Fendi on injured reserve, and this isn't a good sign honestly. We've signed Derek Schouman and he will wear #88. Sounds like this could be an extended recovery for Fendi.. surgery perhaps? It hasn't been mentioned, but from my experience, don't be surprised if you hear this.

Oddly enough, Schouman is the second ex-Bill we've signed from their 2007 draft (see Ah-You). Schouman was a free agent.

In other news, looks like pretty much the entire team practiced today, not sure who was limited though. That's very good news.