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Turf Show Radio this Saturday

The big question going into Saturday's episode of Turf Show Radio - will Eva Longoria call in or not? Having been locked up with Tony Parker, I can only assume the only reason she hasn't called in was her fear of suggesting any impropriety. But now that there are reports of a divorce (whether they're true or not), I have to expect that she'll join us from 6-7pm ET this Saturday by calling (818) 495-6910. It's the only logical conclusion. She might even look like this when she calls:

Eva-longoria_medium (via)

Of course, she'll hear Van and I go over various topics:

- What happened in San Francisco

- What's going to happen in St. Louis against the Falcons

- Coaching decisions

- Defensive adjustments

- The FOTWFTSR (vote in the poll)

While listening to us discuss these and, certainly other topics, she'll probably be laughing at 3k's jokes like this:

Eva-longoria-parker-perky_medium (via)

Also, this week we have a new segment coming from VTRamsFan, so make sure to check this out. Who knows, maybe Eva Longoria will be doing this after hearing it:


Note: Eva Longoria will not be listening to this show, but any excuse to post pictures of her is a good one. Call in on Saturday and I'll consider us even.