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Could the Rams end the season 4-12?

Head coach Steve Spagnuolo has a tough task getting W's in the remaining 7 games of the 2010 season.  (Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images)
Head coach Steve Spagnuolo has a tough task getting W's in the remaining 7 games of the 2010 season. (Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images)
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I can imagine there are people already heading for the comments, but before you "sound off", let's talk a little bit about where the Rams are right now, and about the opponents remaining on the schedule.

Sunday's San Francisco robbery made many things evident. We're young, we don't have a lot of talent at WR, and as much as I hate to type this, the Rams head coach has some growing to do as well. Not attempting a 52 yard FG in the 4th quarter and doing a pooch punt was a head scratcher for me.

Josh Brown is one of the best at 50+ yard FG's, and furthermore, he's darn good in FG's that matter in the 4th quarter. Why not go for three points?

The thing that hurts the most is the fact that this game should not have come down to a couple small moments to separate a W and an L. Sadly, it did.

The reason I ask the question in the subject, is because I'm not sure what team we will see the rest of the season. Will our players continue playing hard? We're going to need 110% from every player, every game, every second. If that starts to slide, things could get ugly FAST.

Let's look at the remaining opponents:

Atlanta: Quite frankly, even though this is at the Ed, I think this will be a hard game to win. Atlanta has some mojo and pulling out a win this week after a tough deflating loss is going to be a real challenge.

Here's where things get really shaky...

@ Denver: Just playing in Denver brings it's own challenges.. not to mention Denver isn't playing all that bad right now. With our LB's struggling in intermediate pass plays, this could be a potential blowout. Just sayin'

@ Arizona: Arguably, the best chance at winning a game... but again, it's on the road. If we DO win another game, it will be here.

@ Saints: I don't need to type anything. Could we steal this? Maybe? But this is the third road game in a row. I don't see it happening but I hope I get proven wrong.

Some relief:

Chiefs: Some relief by being at home... but not in the opponent. This will be another tough one to pull out.

49ers: This one COULD be a victory. It all depends on how hard we play, and what position the 49ers are in. If they are in dire need for a W to win the division, then this could be a REALLY tough game to win.

Tough Tough road game to end the season:

@ Seahawks: Beat these guys once already at home. But like the 49ers, these guys could be playing for the division, and potentially bring it. Once again, most likely a tough game as they will be looking for redemption from our early season victory.

So what do you think gang?