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Rams Have Grown, But Still Need Watering

It's Monday after the tough loss to the 49ers and oddly, as messed up as I felt right after the game (look at my comments in the open thread) today the hangover wasn't that long. I expected to be out of commission at least three days, but somehow, I don't feel as ill as I usually do after a loss.

Am I losing my strength? Nope! I'm actually finding myself growing as a fan, just as the players and coaches are growing. Looking at yesterdays game, and the three point loss in overtime, it's hard not to feel a lot better about our situation would you agree?

Last year the Rams got hammered by the 49ers.. especially in San Fran , courtesy a 35-0 pounding where I had flu like symptoms up until kickoff the following Sunday.

There are two things I want to point out,and i'll start with Sam Bradford. I've heard "Sam the man" , "Samchise" and a few others. Know what I call him?


I don't of too many QB's that could take the amount of lemons we have at WR and make lemonade. Albeit, it may taste a bit sour, but he squeezes every single last drop out of every WR we have. If they have anything to offer, Sam utilizes it.

The second thing I want to mention is that it's apparent that for this years team to win against a tough opponent on the road, we'll need the "Perfect Game" due to lack of play makers, and experience, coupled with injuries. No big plays, at least two turnovers, and no drops, period.

Keep the faith... we're only out one game, and we play the Seahawks again and hold the tie breaker. Bad news... it's in Seattle. I hope we can grow a little bit more this season and continue to keep it interesting.

By the way, below is a pic of what I received in the mail today.. I forgot I ordered the dang thing from DirecTV! Any doubt about my love for the team?