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Rams Recap Week 10: The Quick Five

So much green, yet so much loss. How does this happen!?


Sam Bradford, QB

Apologies to Troy Smith, who had an outstanding game, but Sam Bradford is the next Peyton Manning. Write it down. In addition to being dominant and playing smart all day, Bradford put past Rams QB's to shame by running the 2 minute offense as easily as riding a bike with training wheels on it. He also has the numbers to prove it: this last month, he's been one of the best QB's in the league.


Chris Long, DE

How could I not put him up here? He dominated 49er's OT Davis so bad, he had to hold him just to stop him from getting to Troy Smith. The crazy thing is that half the time that didn't even work. Long isn't getting the numbers to show from it, but he is playing at a dominant level. Right now, he's the best defensive end in the division, if not the league. Yeah, I went there.


Brandon Gibson, WR

I personally think Brandon Gibson should be next year's choice for the NFL's obligatory Dancing with the Stars contestant. He does it enough on the field that he'd probably win it all in the ballroom. Who is with me for making the yellow line something the players can see?



Donnie Jones, P

I'm officially mounting the get Donnie Jones to Pro Bowl campaign. If he doesn't get in this year, well, I don't know what will happen. But if we learned anything about Donnie '+The New Beard' Jones, it's that you don't screw with Donnie '+The New Beard' Jones.


Questionable Calls, Everyone

John Greco and David Vobora as inactives? Cut the crap Spags and stop playing cute. Week 10 isn't the time to be "trying out new players," especially when you are leading the division. I'm not going to even start on the Bradley Fletcher benching (or the vote of no confidence in Josh Brown after that pathetic pooch punt). When you are up by 7 to 10 points, you don't ask Marty Schottenheimer what he would do if he was up by 40 points. You go for the jugular and end the dang game.



It's time to move on. Get ready Atlanta.