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Random Ramsdom, 11-14: "On the Road Again!"

Yes the title is a bit "Willie-esque" but hey, it seemed fitting.

The picture of Null getting sacked is also intended to tick you off a bit and get you "rowdy" and ready for the game. Did it work?

(Hang on for a few minutes while I ban about 20 spammers named something like Lu Mxgv, or xcvffgh. Take THAT! and THAT!.. PHEW! I feel better now...)

OK back to the post. Today is the day. The talking is over. The Rams have landed in San Francisco and are as ready as they've ever been to make a statement. Just what that statement will be is left to be seen. Let's hope for a, "We can win this division" statement.

On to the links:

That's about it for the links and like I said, the talk is over. Enjoy today's early games and then get ready for the Rams-Niners matchup. I love football... I donno about you, but I feel lost during the off season.