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Turf Show Radio (Nov. 13th) open thread


  Turf Show Radio goes live in 45 minutes without VanRam, but VTRamsFan will play the good soldier and step up to the plate.  There's plenty to discuss: the season thus far, the culture shift, youth emerging as leaders, the FTOTWFTSR (NFC West QBs), oh yeah and the Niners too.

  Your should know how this works by now.  Call (818) 495-6910 from 6-7pm ET or just hit us up on this open thread to get something addressed on air, but you het tje ultimate 3k badge of respect if you call in.  And BTW, that badge is worth a hay penny on the open market.

  I'll post the show on the post-TSR college thread, but in the meantime, hit us up on air.