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Jackson Will Be Key in Second Half

With 8 games in the books, the Rams sit at 4-4 and could easily be 7-1 if the ball had bounced their way in just a few plays in 3 of their losses.

Sam Bradford has really stepped up to the table and has shown he has what it takes to play quarterback in this league at a very high level. But we can't ignore, he is still a rookie, and will make some mistakes, particularly against teams at a different level than they have faced previously.

Can Sam continue to impress, playing with converted practice squad WR's, rookies and inconsistant veterans? Only time will tell but I will tell you this... if the Rams want to make a run at the NFC West title, one man is going to have to have a stellar second half. Steven Jackson.

We've all seen what happens to the Rams when their offense struggles. The defense starts the game fired up, then as the game wears on, and 3 and outs pile up (see Tampa Bay), the defense gets tired and that puts an end to any hopes for a W.

Sometimes when the Rams offense is struggling, I feel like our coaching staff is trying to put a round peg into a square hole, expecting too much from our players.. almost like they are just waiting for something to happen. Steven Jackson often times gets forgot about, as there is almost a sense of desperation for a big play.

Maybe Gibson will break a tackle and bolt for 40 yards... or maybe Danny catches a bubble screen and dodges 3 would be tacklers for 30 yards. But that just hasn't been happening.

Listen, in order for us to upset some teams and win this division, we need to go back to what works. A healthy dose of Steven Jackson, a rested attacking defense, and a 3rd down completion master, Sam Bradford which brings a dominating time of possession. That's Rams football at it's best. That's Steve Spagnuolo.

With our offensive line starting to gel, and healthy, let's get back to fundamentals and do what works, and bring this trophy home.