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Ladies and Gentlemen, Your "Overlooked" First Place Rams

Entering week 10, and looking at the standings on, they finally have the Rams above Seattle in first place in the NFC West. For over 10 days, anywhere you saw the standings, you noticed the Rams firmly planted at #2 even though the Rams won the head to head with Seattle quite easily, and had the tie-breaker advantage. Hmmm

Yes, welcome to St. Louis, where the football team here has had so many losing seasons that no one could picture them in first place, even when they actually were deserving. That's ok... because that's exactly where I want this team right now.

All of the media hoopla can take a hike as far as i'm concerned, because quite frankly, I haven't seen too many accurate reviews of this team thus far, aside from from sweet Bradford videos on (and stories here at TST).

In all reality, I do admit we don't have a talent laden team, but we do have a team that has a monstrous heart, and one that also plays to the best of their ability - on every snap, right to the whistle.

Take a look at the defensive roster. James Hall, Fred Robbins, Gary Gibson, Craig Dahl, and Larry Grant (and that's just to start)... how's that for non-household name talent? I can count MANY plays where these guys were game difference makers.

Now how about offense? Gibson, Fells, Darby (who has played well as of late), DX (was difference maker in Chargers game), Amendola (practice squad to receiving leader?), Saffold (Rookie)... I mean, isn't this crazy?

I have to say, that if Spags has the Rams playing this well with names like I mentioned above, how can you not credit him for inspired coaching? Sure, a few questionable calls here and there (he's new too, remember!), but being a coach that players will work hard for, and give 110% all day long is worth A LOT.

Think Chilly has a handle on his team like Spagnuolo? Ask the Vikings how Moss worked out. 

I like my Rams right where they are right now. Sure, we can improve (and I guarantee we WILL improve), but i'm talking about being a part of the media circus. Honestly? That isn't what this team is about. This team is about Character, and about being the very best you can be, Period. Media? What media? Play hard, be the best you can be, get some W's. That's the 2010 Rams.

I can't remember a team aside from the 1999 superbowl team, that I have felt this good about, or have ever been so proud of.

So go ahead "overlooked" Rams, continue proving people wrong and continue playing hard. Who knows, an NFC West Champion trophy could be sitting on your shelf... that is, if the media will openly admit, and allow it.