Ask Niners Nation

Hey there Rams fans, this is Fooch from Niners Nation. I thought it'd be fun to swing by (along with my readers) and answer any of your Rams-related questions. I have to say I'm impressed with the turn-around you guys have seen. My 49ers have had a pretty crappy start to the season and yet somehow they remain two games out of first place, making this weekend's matchup pretty important for both teams.

The 49ers have five divisional games left including this one so they certainly have a shot of getting back into the playoff chase. Of course, they have to show any measure of consistency so they could have a million divisional games left and it might not make a difference. The team has had a huge problem consistently shooting itself in the foot in just about every aspect of the game. Now they have a new QB in Troy Smith while Alex Smith rehabs his shoulder. Suffice to say, the 49ers have become Team Turmoil.

I'll be in and out throughout the week, but I'll also post a link to this at NN and have my fellow 49ers fans help out in answering your questions in preparation for Sunday's battle.