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Randy Moss: Seattle and Miami have already reached out; Moss might not yet be waived

The Seattle Seahawks and Miami Dolphins wasted no time in reaching out to recently released WR Randy Mosscalling his agent minutes after news of his release hit the wires. 

The fact that Seattle is openly courting him is almost reason enough for the St. Louis Rams to get involved, as the two teams are in a horse race to win the ugliest division in pro football. The Rams have waiver priority over both the Seahawks and Dolphins.

Will the Rams make a claim for Moss? Only Billy Devaney knows for sure at this point. On the surface it would seem that character concerns would steer them away, given how much emphasis they've put on the "four pillars" since the new regime came on board. However, it's worth remembering that twice this season the Rams have given serious consideration to receivers with a reputation for, um, antics: Terrell Owens and Vincent Jackson

Now, reports are surfacing that Moss has not actually been waived yet, and might not be. Though, it would be awful tough for a team to walk back from this and say that they changed their minds. Here's Chris Mortensen from ESPN:

Once Moss is officially waived - there's nothing official from team yet - the waiver order as of today would leave seemingly get intriguing at No. 13 with the St. Louis Rams. Then it's (14) Raiders, (15) Redskins (16), Seahawks (17) and Bears (18). If he wasn't claimed by 18, there's a four-way tie among the Dolphins, Eagles, Packers and Saints that would be subject to a coin flip.

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