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MNF open thread / Panthers game thread roll call

  So with Monday Night Football about to kick off, the Rams are at home, sitting at 4-4 with a bye week in front of them.  It's been a hell of a long time since we've run off a .500 win percentage this deep into the season.

  Instead of going back through the win against Carolina or the Randy Moss saga, which we'll continue to hit throughout the week, take a second tonight to check out the FanPosts & FanShots that are still going strong.  There's a reason Turf Show Times has grown as quickly to the size it has, and that part of the discussion is a large reason why.

  I'll have my watch list out for NFL Draft prospects as soon as I can later this week and I'll be back with another tailgating post on Friday.  Of course I'll be talking to Rams legend Eric Dickerson on Thursday, but we'll see if I can transcribe it and get it up by Friday.  If not, I'm gonna hold off posting it until Monday.

  So holler it out tonight on whatever tips your lever: Colts-Texans, Rams stuff, Steven Jackson's Eric Dickerson googles, chorizo, your favorite Halloween costume, the thought of Mike Singletary in London, throwback uniforms/polos (awesome x 5,000,000), etc.


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