Randy Moss could be the difference maker

Any time a "big-name" player is on the market, NFL fans go crazy and they start making up crazy scenarios of how they would fit their team. The Rams are one of the teams that has these scenarios. I would love to have Randy Moss but so would 31 other teams in the league. These are reasons for Moss being picked up by the Rams...

Reason #1 - Intimidating Wide Receiver

Did you see Wes Welker's and Percy Harvin's production while Moss was there???? Imagine what could happen to Danny Amendola or any other Rams receiver. Steven Jackson too.

Reason #2 - Big Play/Deep Threat Receiver

Right now after 5 knee operations, I don't trust Danario Alexander being the stretch player, but Moss certainly can.

Reason #3 - Only 1 Year Left on His Contract

Tell me if this sounds familiar, Rams lack receivers, and they go and get a receiver with 1 year left on his contract........Mark Clayton anybody? Moss is in the last year of his contract, if he is bad, he is not back next season.

Reason #4 - (MOST IMPORTANT) Can Win You The NFC West

The Rams are in 2nd place at 4-4 with 1st place at 4-3. Randy Moss can win you the division. It's an easy division to win, and with Moss, the Rams can win because they would have the best receiver in the division.

Reason #5 - Trial and Error

Rams didn't take a chance on Terrell Owens in the off-season, and look at his season! Big profile, but he is playing better than any Rams receiver. Randy Moss could be the 2nd chance.

Reason #6 - Sam Bradford Can Lock Onto Him

Sam Bradford was looking for a key receiver since Clayton was knocked out for the year, and Randy Moss can definitely be that safety valve.

Reason #7 - Can Help On the Road

The Ram's 2nd half offense on the road can definitely be helped with Moss on the team.

Reason #8 - If acquired, Rams will be pumped to win

The Rams know they can win and if Devaney and Kroenke take a chance on Moss, the Rams will be pumped by the chance and pounce.

Reason #9 - Rams are banged up in the WR department, and we need another receiver.


The Rams are on a role with the players they have, and maybe adding an ego like Moss' could ruin the chemistry and Spags might not want to do mess with that. He could make comments to the public and maybe he could not be a good teammate, maybe he will be a bad player. Does Devaney or Spags want to twinkle with the locker room? That's the only reason why the Rams wouldn't take a chance on Randy.


Moss could come around and realize how confident these Rams are? How confident were the Minnesota Vikings? Spags treats his players well and Brad Childress only cares about Brett Favre.

I believe the Rams would be better off taking a chance on Randy Moss.