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Vikings waive Randy Moss; Should the Rams make a move?

Wow. From the department of news that doesn't make sense, the Minnesota Vikings have reportedly waived WR Randy Moss.

The how and why are still fuzzy since the news is just now percolating on Twitter, but it needs to be asked whether or not the St. Louis Rams should take a chance on acquiring Moss.

Obviously the "four pillars" thing is something of an issue, but it's not really an issue the size of the Rams' need at wide receiver. Moss is 33, and still playing well this season, if not a little slower than he used to.

Sitting at 4-4 in an anything goes NFC West, a player like Moss could be the difference maker the Rams need. Imagine Sam Bradford with an experienced option like Moss. If anything, the Rams ought to take a chance based on how well their defense is playing this season.


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