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Post-Turf Show Radio college football thread

  The Crimson Tide?  Now with a loss in the SEC.  The Denard Robinson train?  Currently stopped thanks to Michigan St., who by the way is undefeated and now with aspirations of taking the Big 10.

  LSU-Florida is still to come, and be assured Les Miles will find a way to develop new methods of mismanaging the last minute or two of the game en route to a win.  Miami and Florida State will try to convince everyone it's 1992.  And if you're not spending your Saturday night doing anything worth remembering, catch Nevada-San Jose St.  It's on my watch list, which means a whole lot of nothing.

  And yes, we just wrapped up another episode of Turf Show Radio.  Check it out if ye be so inclined.  I would say something about my Texas Rangers trying to finish off the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, but I doubt anyone here could care less so I'll leave it there.  Go football, and go Rams.